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New Poem

There is no aphrodisiac,

Nor sweet smoky pull of a Newport jack,

That’s able to mimic this sensation,

Upon this yearning, my heart’s been patient,

More than a junkie needs her fix,

I require this bliss.

I need you, but you don’t need me,

Often times I leave you,

But you don’t leave me,

Truly man owns nothing, fool’s gold,

They abuse, abandon, and then leave me cold,

I’m destitute, ragged, they’ve used me,

But Al-Wadud, you’d never do that to me,

And that’s why I’m willing to give you this loan,

Because you’re true to your word, and by you, I’ve never been wronged,

Once a sucker for love, I needed that,

But since I’ve found truth, falsehood, I’m leaving that

No need to feed a fire, for which man is a fuel,

Unloose these shackles; I’m no longer a fool

Just a side note to the reader:  if you find yourself heartbroken, replace that object of affection with the complete love of Allah.  Fill your heart with His remembrance and you’ll never be betrayed.