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Top 10 Beneficial Youtube Channels

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Insha Allah this posting finds everyone in the best of health, eeman, and all that good stuff.  I just wanted to share some of the Youtube channels that have been beneficial to me.  Alhamdulilah, a few months ago I decided to consciously try to stop wasting my time online.  I decided that every minute I spent on the internet needed to be spent doing something beneficial.  I’m almost always on YouTube, so here are some channels I watch instead of the other filth that’s widely available…

  1. OneWayToParadise
  2. ad-Dawat us Salafiyyah better known as Ahlulsunnahwaljammah
  3. Scholarly Audio-Fatawa On Youtube/easyonetwothree
  4. The channel of Masjid Daar us Sunnah
  5. LoveforAllaahx– for sisters only
  6. LearnToReadTheKuran
  7. Allah is The One/TheMercifulServant
  8. Translation of Arabic Durus/manhajalsalaf
  9. video qur’an recitation
  10. WarnABrother Media

Insha Allah you all will find these channels to be of some benefit as well.  I’d like to know what you guys are watching too.  Leave a comment below and tell me about the Islamic YouTube channels you’re subscribed to.