Is Islam a Match For You? 10 Types of People That Are Compatible With Islam

Peace be with you!

In no particular order, the following types of people will find Islam is the best way of life for them:

1. Those seeking to worship one God.  No bells, whistles, 3-in-1 deities, or confusion about multiple gods is present in Islam.  It’s pretty cut and dry.

2. Patient people (or those willing to become patient)

3. People seeking truth and clarity; a.k.a the “I’mTiredOfTheb.s.IWantTheRealMckoy” people.

4. Unselfish people who are always willing to lend a helping hand, or their wallets, whatever charitable deed rocks your boat.

5. People who like to smile 🙂

6. Optimists

7. People that want to die…and go to heaven because it sounds way cooler than being here.

8. People looking to start large families, as you will acquire many “brothers” and “sisters” once you become Muslim.

9. People that want to fulfill their purpose in life (which is worshipping God, duh).

10. People that don’t mind being outcasts.  As I’m sure you know Muslims are hated on all around the world.

If you feel that any of these things describe you or spark your interest, I strongly encourage you to become a Muslim.  What are you waiting for, the end of time?


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