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New blog and some late night thoughts

Once again Word Press has held me hostage, and forced me to stay up late perusing its blogs as if I have nothing else better to do right now (like sleep).  I’ve chosen to ignore the smarter voice in my head, that’s been advising me to close my laptop, and get my John Brown hind-parts in the bed. How could I possibly go to sleep when there is so much going on in the blogosphere to read about; such as the “untimely” death of Whitney Houston.

I cannot rest in peace tonight (no pun intended) until I put my two cents in about her “early departure.”  I mean no disrespect to this woman.  She is the creation of her Lord just like I am.  What bugs me is all the hype surrounding her death.  It never ceases to amaze me how emotional people get when a celebrity passes away.  Do celebrities have some kind of special coding built into them, so that when the Angel of Death arrives to take their soul he is immediately shooed away due to their honored status?

Yeah, I’m going to have to double check on that.

I think the way it works is:

Everyone shall taste death.  Then unto Us you shall be returned. – Al ‘Ankabut (The Spider):57

(Found in the Noble Qur’an)

That sounds a bit more logical to me.  No one gets a “get out of death free pass”.  You cannot ascend directly to everlasting life in Heaven without passing death.  Life isn’t modeled after Monopoly.  Monopoly is loosely modeled off of life.  The idea of a person suffering an “untimely death” is ludicrous.  Seeing as though we don’t know when our expiration date will come to pass, it is impossible to precede it.  It would behoove us to stop wasting time groveling over stars we’ve never personally known, and to start preparing for our own terminations.

Without a doubt the death of someone should arouse some feelings.  It should remind you of the brevity of life.  It should incite gratitude in ones heart towards his Lord.  Here it is, you are alive, while others have had their souls snatched from them before they could prepare their final farewells.   Isn’t that reason enough to be grateful?

That’s enough rambling for me.  I’ve gone off on a tangent when this was only supposed to a brief update.  Oh well.  On a happier note I’ve started a new blog.  Whoopee!  Dirty Word Laundry is my new poetry, cool-kids only spot.  So If you’ve enjoyed any of my poems in the past please stop by my new poetry blog.  I’m not a seasoned poet, or even a good poet; I just like words.  So come hang out with me over there.


Is Islam a Match For You? 10 Types of People That Are Compatible With Islam

Peace be with you!

In no particular order, the following types of people will find Islam is the best way of life for them:

1. Those seeking to worship one God.  No bells, whistles, 3-in-1 deities, or confusion about multiple gods is present in Islam.  It’s pretty cut and dry.

2. Patient people (or those willing to become patient)

3. People seeking truth and clarity; a.k.a the “I’mTiredOfTheb.s.IWantTheRealMckoy” people.

4. Unselfish people who are always willing to lend a helping hand, or their wallets, whatever charitable deed rocks your boat.

5. People who like to smile 🙂

6. Optimists

7. People that want to die…and go to heaven because it sounds way cooler than being here.

8. People looking to start large families, as you will acquire many “brothers” and “sisters” once you become Muslim.

9. People that want to fulfill their purpose in life (which is worshipping God, duh).

10. People that don’t mind being outcasts.  As I’m sure you know Muslims are hated on all around the world.

If you feel that any of these things describe you or spark your interest, I strongly encourage you to become a Muslim.  What are you waiting for, the end of time?

The Mind Barracks

I am forever engaged in an internal struggle

I’ve enlisted my thoughts to join the battle

To serve as soldiers against the ones that have gone astray

To eliminate the fray

It may be that I am guaranteed victory

Because my Lord says he is with  me

The Believer

Lets Get High

Sike!  I don’t get high…Anymore.  I used to smoke weed religiously.  Let’s just say for every time I stand up to pray(which is 5x a day), that’s how many joints I sparked up on a daily basis.  I proudly embraced this addiction for a good 7 years.  Talk about high times.  I’m not trying to encourage anyone to use drugs.  I actually would like to invite you all to a healthier habit.

Speaking from the heart of a woman who was once seriously committed to pot, no one could have ever convinced me that something better than marijuana existed.  I self medicated with weed.  Mary Jane was my knight in shining armor.  Always there to rescue me from the horrors of reality.  Of course I know better now.  While getting high relieves you of your stress temporarily, life will be right there, ready to slap you in the face when you come back down.  In reality you never escaped, you were just blissfully procrastinating.  If you would like something more concrete to soothe your soul, I have a suggestion.  Listen to Qur’an.

What a beautiful alternative to wasting your money and damaging your lungs.  I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist, so follow my advice at your own risk.  All I can do is share what has been beneficial for me.  I mentioned earlier that I thought I would never find a substitute for weed.  I lied, because I never looked.  I was content with being a pothead.  I think, like so many others,  I associated getting high with being cool.  Let me tell you, there is nothing cool about being a smoked out, lazy-minded, nonchalant individual.  Nowadays I’m at ease with myself.  If  I’m in a funk I read or listen to Qur’an.  Qur’an gets me lifted like no narcotic known to man ever could.  Besides, there is no “coming down” or nasty side effect from listening to the word of God.  I love it.

I felt the need to share those thoughts with you all.  I had just finished enjoying a beautiful recitation of Surah (chapter) 

Photo courtesy of africa

“He Frowned.”  The coolness I felt was reminiscent of that “floating on cloud 9” feeling  I used to chase, only without the smoke and coughing.