Late night musings

Photo by ponsulak

As Salaamu Alaikum

It’s 12:30am.  I can’t sleep. Who am I kidding? I haven’t even tried.  I wanted to share this poem I wrote a few months back.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated so leave a comment below.

All That Glitters 

By Umm Qamar

You went from the dope dealer,

   to the one who is dealt the dope,

from the smoker,

to the one who gets smoked.

So many plans you’ve made,

so many have gone astray.

Little does man know,

the best plans, are with the one who creates day,

and the night as a cover,

whilst we seek out illicit lovers.

Ever watching is he,

and most ungrateful are we.

Making deals with the devil,

seeking worldly gain and pleasure,

and so you’ve sold your soul.

Foolish is the man who thinks, all the glitters,

is gold.

SN: Can a sister get some finger snaps or something…



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